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fake news bunch

Fake Newsers Push Impeachment Fairy Tale

The Five Myths of The Day for the Fake News Bunch #FNB

Richmond, VA— Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) summed it up on #JFRS yesterday: “President Trump has boxed Nancy Pelosi into a lose-lose corner on impeachment. If she holds a vote on a hearing, she either loses the vote now or loses the gavel in 2020. That’s why I predict there will be no vote.”

Griffith is on to something. Pelosi doesn’t want a legitimate process where Republicans have subpoena power and vulnerable freshman Democrats in her fractured caucus have to go on the record with a recorded vote.

Instead, we have her three-ring circus politically motivated sideshow where GOP ranking committee members have no ability to cross-examine, question or offer a rebuttal to witnesses.

As a result, the President is denied due process.

Let’s first set the record straight about House Democrats’ unprecedented contempt for due process rights, shall we?