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Trump Approval Rating Skyrockets: Bold Action, Unprecedented Leadership

SURPRISE! Fake News and Clown News Network (CNN) fizzle out: The majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak:

·       A new ABC News/Ipsos poll released today shows the American public approves of President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic:

o   The polling was completely reversed from last week.

§  55% of Americans approve of the President’s management of the crisis.

§  92% of Republicans approve.

§  30% of Democratic voters approve—nearly double from the same poll last week.

·       A new SurveyUSA News Poll also shows the majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus:

o   51% of Americans approve of the President’s coronavirus response.

o   Including 25% who strongly approve.

President Trump announced new actions aimed at combating the coronavirus:

·       Actions including:

    • Authorizing FDA to approve compassionate use and a “Right to Try”-style approach to begin utilizing new treatments.
    • Holding teleconference at FEMA with our nation’s governors to discuss response efforts.
    • Issuing a global level 4 travel advisory.
      • Informing Americans that they should avoid all international travel.
    • Announcing Carnival Cruise Lines will make ships available for hospitals in impacted areas to use for non-coronavirus patients.
    • Brokering an agreement with Canada to close the northern border to nonessential travel.
    • Invoking the Defense Production Act.
      • Under the Defense Production Act, the President has the authority to determine that certain supplies are essential for the national defense during challenges like this.
    • HUD is halting foreclosures and evictions for families with FHA-insured mortgages.
    • DOL announced up to $100 million in dislocated worker grants in response to the coronavirus national health emergency.
    • The Navy will be deploying two medical ships to help support impacted areas.
    • USDA is working to provide over 1 million meals per week to students in rural areas whose schools were closed due to coronavirus.
    • Activating the FEMA Emergency Response Coordination Center.
    • Deploying FEMA at level one activation—the highest response level—in every region of the country.

·       To view a comprehensive list of everything President Trump and the Trump Administration has done up to this point to combat the coronavirus, click here.

President Trump is strongly supporting American families, workers, and businesses with economic assistance:

  • President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
  • This critical legislation:

o   Establishes tax credits to provide paid sick and family leave for coronavirus-related employment interruptions.

§  Eligible workers who are sick with the virus, quarantined, taking care of someone affected or caring for a child whose school has closed, will continue to be paid.

§  Employees will receive pay directly from their employers, rather than from a less-efficient government-run program.

§  Every dollar of required paid leave will be offset by tax credits for eligible employers.

o   Incentivizes states to ease access to unemployment benefits.

o   Provides funding and flexibility for emergency nutritional aid for senior citizens, women, children, and low-income families.

o   Offers free coronavirus testing – including free testing through commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, Indian Health Service, and TRI-CARE.

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