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Curtis Ellis: Biden’s Wuhan Virus Plan Parrots Chinese Communists

Exclusive: Curtis Ellis whacks candidate for serving as Beijing’s ‘useful idiot’

Joe Biden’s “plan to combat coronavirus” shows us his career-long streak of being wrong on every major issue remains unbroken.

The “plan” prescribes predictable platitudes and familiar bromides. Specifics include allowing private labs to test for the virus, backstopping small business losses and accelerating development of a vaccine, all measures President Trump has already taken.

Perhaps Joe didn’t know that, or forgot.

More likely, those who wrote the plan – no one really imagines Joe wrote it himself – didn’t think anyone would notice. Joe certainly didn’t.

But there is an original element in the plan, and it reveals another aspect of Joe Biden’s record: that of being a useful idiot for China’s Communist Party.

The first point of “The Biden plan to combat coronavirus” declares, “Acts of racism and xenophobia against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community must not be tolerated.”

This parrots the Chinese Communist Party line.

Beijing has been pushing hard to label as racist anyone who notes the connection between China and the virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

China began the “reality is racism” push early on in the crisis. Beijing’s propaganda organ Xinhua deployed a Chinese woman in the streets of Milan with a sign “Hug me I’m not a virus” and promoted it as a “trending anti-racism video.”

Besides trying to hide and shame anyone who acknowledges the geographic origin of the virus, China seeks to rewrite history. After covering up the outbreak in Wuhan, arresting doctors who first reported novel viral infections, and refusing to share information and biologic samples needed to prepare tests, China’s propagandists now say “the U.S. owes China an apology, and the world owes China a thank you.”

American corporate media has been a compliant partner in Beijing’s propaganda push, from calling the term “Wuhan virus” racist, to praising China’s containment measures while downplaying the CCP’s lies and cover-ups.

Joe Biden has reliably swallowed and regurgitated CCP propaganda. When President Trump shut down flights from China – a move public health experts have unanimously endorsed – Joe called it racist and xenophobic.

He doubled down just this week. “A wall will not stop the coronavirus,” he declared, adding for good effect, “Banning travel from Europe – or any other part of the world – will not stop it.”

This globalist clap-trap shows us Biden is clueless, he’s surrounded by clueless enablers, and the whole lot of them are being manipulated by Beijing’s information warriors. Beijing is advancing its national interest under the cover of globalism, adhering to a “globalism for you, nationalism for us” strategy.

This is not the first time Joe has been Beijing’s willing enabler.

Just last year he was telling us the Chinese Communists are “not bad folks,” and are “not our competition.” (Ironically, he delivered this remark on the holiest day in the Communist calendar, May 1.)

Joe was (once again) operating on auto-pilot, recalling the conventional wisdom that’s prevailed in the swamp where he’s lived for lo, those many decades.

Back in 2000, Sen. Joe Biden, then ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, led the charge for closer economic ties with China, ties Beijing has used to rope in American capital and strangle working Americans.

The opponents to giving China special trade privileges spanned the political spectrum, from arch-conservative Sen. Jesse Helms to liberal icon Sen. Paul Wellstone. They recognized a stronger China posed a threat to America’s values, America’s workers and America’s national security.

Biden ignored the threat and lined up with the corporate lobbyists who saw a chance to replace well-paid Americans with cheap Chinese labor.

Biden ignored China’s record of violating women’s rights, workers rights, human rights and religious freedom.

Biden dismissed with a sneer the prescient warning American manufacturing would be destroyed as corporations moved U.S. factories to China, saying, “Nor do I see a collapse of the American manufacturing economy, as China, a nation with the impact on the world economy about the size of the Netherlands, suddenly becomes our major economic competitor.”

Helms said giving China special trade privileges would serve the business interests of the corporate sector but that the Senate “must not confuse business interests with the national interest of the American people.”

Now, the Biden family’s business interests align more closely with China than with the national interest of the American people.

Hunter Biden traveled to China with VP Joe in 2013 aboard Air Force Two. Ten days later, Hunter’s private equity firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC., received $1 billion from the state-owned Bank of China. Hunter’s investment fund went into partnership with a Chinese military contractor that produces bombers, fighters, and drones.

As a senator, Joe Biden reliably delivered for the corporations headquartered in Delaware.

As president, he’d be a puppet, and we’d be left to guess who is behind him pulling the strings.

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