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TRUMP At WAR: Battle Plan for Coronavirus

The Trump Administration Continues to Take Aggressive Action to Expand Coronavirus TestingYesterday, the Administration took further action to expand coronavirus testing – authorizing more commercial tests and empowering state governments to approve tests developed and used within their states.

The FDA has announced it is empowering states to authorize tests developed and used by laboratories in their states. 

  • FDA: “We are putting in place a policy for states to take responsibility for tests developed and used by laboratories in their states, similar to the action the FDA granted to the New York State Department of Health last week. States can set up a system in which they take responsibility for authorizing such tests and the laboratories will not engage with the FDA.”
  • FDA: “This action demonstrates the FDA’s ability to pivot and adapt as the situation warrants in light of a public health emergency. We are taking steps to support diagnostic development considering the urgent need. We urge state authorities and commercial developers to take all necessary steps to ensure the availability of accurate tests.”

The FDA has issued more emergency use authorizations for commercial tests as the Administration works to expand testing access across the country. 

  • FDA: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took two additional significant diagnostic actions during the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) by issuing Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) to: Hologic for its Panther Fusion SARS-COV-2 Assay, and Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) for its COVID-19 RT-PCR test.”
  • President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force Announce Dramatic Expansion of Telehealth Services



    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Today, we’re also announcing a dramatic expansion of our Medicare telehealth services. Medicare patients can now visit any doctor by phone or videoconference, at no additional cost, including with commonly-used services like FaceTime and Skype – a historic breakthrough.”

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “During this time, we will not enforce applicable HIPAA penalties, so that doctors can greatly expand care for their patients using telehealth.”

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We encourage everyone to maximize use of telehealth, to limit exposure to the virus.”

    CMS ADMINISTRATOR VERMA: “The impact of this historic action simply cannot be overstated. In an emergency, those on the front line shouldn’t have to worry about federal rules and red tape hamstringing them when they need flexibility above all else. We’re doing everything in our power to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”


    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Last night, the FDA announced groundbreaking new policies to further increase testing – very substantially so. All states can now authorize tests developed and used within their borders, in addition to the FDA.”

    VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “In connection with the FDA’s actions, which you will hear more about in a moment, we now have continued to expand the public and private partnership that the President forged with vast commercial laboratories around the country – increasing access to the high volume, high throughput coronavirus testing that is that is greatly expanding access even as we speak.”

    VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “The U.S. Public Health Service and FEMA are making working closely with state governments and also partners in the private sector like CVS, Target, Walgreen, and Walmart to expand remote testing sites around the country, and we’ll have a full report later this week as those come online.”


    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’ve ordered massive numbers of ventilators. We have, by any normal standard, we have a lot of respirators, ventilators, we have tremendous amounts of equipment.”

    VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: “We would make one specific request, and that is we would urge construction companies to donate their inventory of N-95 masks to your local hospital and forgo additional orders of those industrial masks.”


    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Today, the Senate is taking up Coronavirus legislation that includes free testing for those who need it; as well as paid sick leave and family medical leave for workers affected by the virus. We are also committed to getting small businesses the support that they need.”

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “At my direction, Secretary Mnuchin is meeting today with senators on additional stimulus packages.”

    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going big. The expression — we can do it two ways. We can keep going back every day or every week. We’re going big. And that’s where Mitch McConnell — that’s the way he wants to go, that’s the way I want to go. I think we want to get it done and have a big infusion.”


    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: “We’re looking at sending checks to Americans immediately. And what we’ve heard from hard-working Americans, many companies have now shut down, whether its bars or restaurants. Americans need cash now and the President wants to get cash now. And I mean now in the next two weeks.”

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: “We’ve previously talked about deferring IRS payments. The President earlier this morning authorized me to announce this program. I have previously announced we would defer $200 billion. The President suggested we increase that to $300 billion, which we will be doing.”


    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We are asking everyone to work at home if possible, postpone unnecessary travel, and limit social gatherings to no more than 10 people. By making shared sacrifices and temporary changes, we can protect the health of our people and we can protect our economy.”

    DR. DEBORAH BIRX: “We are asking every single American no matter what your generation, from Z and up to X, and millennials in-between, to really ensure that you’re following these guidelines. We hear every night of people who are not in work, moving that time into bars and other areas of large gatherings. If we continue with that process, we will fail at containing this virus, so every single generation has a role to play.”


    PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Earlier this morning, I spoke with executives from America’s fast food industry – Wendy’s, McDonald’s, all of the big ones – Burger King. And they were great. We’re talking about the pickups in light of yesterday’s guidance, you heard, to avoid eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, or public food courts. We discussed the important role that the drive-through pickup and delivery service can play in the weeks ahead.”

    • U.S. supply chains are strong and it’s unnecessary for Americans to hoard daily essentials.


      • The President is mobilizing an all of America response drawing on the full resources of the Federal government and working hand in hand with state, local, tribal and private sector leaders.
      • President Trump took early action and has worked every single day to protect the health and safety of Americans.


      • President Trump has announced his strong support for this legislation, which will ensure free testing for all Americans, provide paid leave for workers, and aid the most vulnerable.
      • The Administration is already working with Congress on the next phase of legislation to help impacted industries and workers.


      • President Trump is working in record time to revolutionize our testing system to meet the demands of this crisis.
      • The President is cutting through the red tape to make sure Americans can get access to testing.
      • Just yesterday, the FDA announced emergency authorization for more commercial tests and empowered state governments to authorize tests developed and used within their borders.
      • The Administration is working with the private sector to develop a website Americans can visit to determine whether a test is needed and, if so, facilitate testing at a nearby location.


      • President Trump has taken decisive action to help impacted businesses and workers.
      • The President has taken action to expand loans for small businesses, providing impacted businesses up to $2 million to deal with interruptions caused by the virus.
      • The President worked with Congress to secure paid leave for workers.


      • The Administration is working to continue increasing supplies of personal protective equipment and ventilators. We have tremendous supplies, but we are working to acquire more.
      • President Trump has taken bold steps to stem the spread of the virus, which will be key to helping ease the burden on our healthcare providers.


      • The President announced a dramatic expansion of telehealth that will enable more Medicare recipients to access their doctors while avoiding exposure.


      • President Trump’s emergency declaration was critical to unlocking the full resources of the Federal Government to respond to this outbreak, and will have a real impact.

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