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You Go Girl! Trump Polls Surge As Nancy Walks Her Caucus Off The Plank

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…another term for Trump and a McCarthy in the leader’s tree…!

Merry Christmas Nancy! We are praying for you too — to keep doing exactly what you are doing!

SO THANKS NANCY! Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Just Surged +6 Points! We LOVE YOU NANCY! 

A wave of new polls point to Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham backfiring—and sparking a reckoning in 2020.

This isn’t the grand finale of the impeachment scam Washington Democrats thought they’d get: hours before their planned vote, public support for impeachment has collapsed and President Trump’s support is surging.

A new Gallup poll released Wednesday morning confirmed that Democrats tried – and failed – to make their case for impeachment:

  • Opposition to impeachment has increased to 51%.
  • President Trump’s approval rating has surged 6 points since the partisan impeachment sham began, and Independents’ approval of the President has jumped to match its highest level ever.

Polling released by the Trump campaign on Tuesday shows impeachment is a political albatross for Democrats in battleground districts:

  • A majority of voters in battleground districts oppose impeachment by double digits (53% – 43%)
  • Voters oppose re-electing these Democrats by a 9-point margin, and a plurality say a vote for impeachment would make them less-likely to vote for them.

Three new polls released on Monday similarly found voters souring on Democrats’ partisan impeachment sham: 

USA Today Poll: 56% of voters now oppose impeachment, with independents opposed by double digits. 

CNN Poll: Net support for impeachment has collapsed by 9 points and is underwater.

Quinnipiac Poll: A majority of voters oppose impeachment, with independents opposed by 22 points. 

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