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Where’s Schiff?

Democrats hide Adam Schiff’s long list of lies, leaks, and smears.

Schiff deliberately misled the American people about what transpired on the call with Zelensky.

  • Schiff completely fabricated his account of the July 25th call with Zelensky in order to deceive the public.

Schiff was caught in a lie when he stated his committee had no contact with the whistleblower.

  • Schiff lied and claimed his committee had no contact with the whistleblower, when in fact his team worked with the whistleblower before the complaint was even filed. 

Schiff repeatedly spread falsehoods, deceptions, and selective leaks to push the Russia hoax.

  • Schiff went on TV hundreds of times to promote his false Russia conspiracy theory to the American people.
  • Schiff lied ad nauseam about the collusion hoax, erroneously claiming there was evidence of collusion between the President and Russia.
  • Schiff peddled a conspiracy theory that President Trump was “compromised” by Russia.
  • Schiff was humiliatingly deceived by pranksters falsely claiming to be Russians who had dirt on the President.

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