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What Have House Dems Done In A Year? Impeachment

See ya…Impeachment Is All House Democrats Have To Show For Their Year in the Majority…What a joke…Spanberger and Luria going down the tubes in Virginia…House Democrats have spent a full year in the majority obsessing over investigations and impeachment, rather than working for the American people.

House Democrats have absolutely nothing to show for their first year in the majority.

·       House Democrats have effectively shut down Congress over their partisan impeachment sham.

·       They have reneged on their promises to the American people, instead choosing to focus on pursuing the most unfair impeachment sham in the history of our country.

·       They are solely focused on their primary objective: overturning the results of the 2016 election and interfering in the upcoming one.

While they have busied themselves peddling reckless conspiracy theories and pursuing partisan investigations, HouseDemocrats have let the critical issues facing our nation go unaddressed. 

·       Despite promises and grandiose rhetoric, House Democrats have done nothing to rebuild the infrastructure in our country.

·       As Americans struggle to afford prescription drugs, House Democrats have focused on impeachment instead of finding a bipartisan solution on drug prices.

·       They have refused to come to the table to find a bipartisan solution on gun violence that protects our communities and our second amendment rights.

·       While they’ve focused on investigations, the loopholes and outdated laws fueling the migrant crisis have remained on the books.

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