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Unholy Alliance: DeSantis Campaign Colluding with Biden’s Weaponized DOJ to Stop President Trump and the MAGA Movement

Bedminster, NJ – From inception, the DeSantis campaign was doomed. Beginning with a total failure to launch, Ron DeSantis has warmly embraced establishment RINOs and Never Trumpers. Despite millions of dollars spent to promote his candidacy, Ron finds a way to fall to new all-time lows with every coming poll.

Now, amid yet another failed reboot, DeSantis and his establishment handlers have resorted to directly parroting the talking points of radical Leftists.

When Ron DeSanctimonious was most recently summoned before donors to explain his flailing campaign, his top lieutenants admitted to lighting donor money on fire.

Though, even more telling, a top DeSantis fundraiser confessed that their “strategy” relied on endless political prosecutions of President Trump by radical Leftist prosecutors.

As the DeSantis campaign continues to utterly collapse, Ron has shown he’s willing to take the side of deranged, Marxist prosecutors and the radical Left for any shot at stopping the nose dive that has left him in third place, heading only south.


Fox News Mourns the Loss of DeSantis 2024 Bid: “Trump Keeps Getting Stronger


Bedminster, NJ – In no uncertain terms, Rupert Murdoch made clear that Ron DeSantis is his golden boy, no longer.

Today on America Reports, Fox News’ Bret Baier and John Roberts eviserated DeSantis as news broke that the DeSantis campaign has fired more than a third of its staff in response to intesne donor outrage.

Comparing DeSantis to “Jeb Bush,” Roberts detailed the follies that have left DeSantis fighting to hold on to third place in several early states.

“It was ‘just wait until Ron DeSantis gets in the race and Trump’s gonna be in trouble,’” Roberts said. “It’s not the case.”

“If you’re a candidate, you’ve got to be looking at this saying, ‘God, no matter what happens to Donald Trump, he just keeps getting stronger. Maybe, we should save our powder and you know, come back at this in 2028.’”

Watch the clip here.





John Roberts  

Ron DeSantis let go more than three dozen staffers. It’s a third of his campaign staff- some 38 jobs, including two senior officials. You know, when you take a look at governors and their history here, you know, their sense of inevitability. It’s built around them. Jeb Bush, we remember him. We talked about Tim Pawlenty, Scott Walker. Could Ron DeSantis be the latest in that group?

Bret Baier  

He’s desperately trying not to be. But, this is a big sign. A third of your campaign staff. We haven’t even gotten to August as of yet. There were real concerns by big donors, we were told of the spending. The burn rate. And they were spending a lot of money but not getting a lot of bang for their buck. He is trailing in every poll by 20, 30, sometimes 40 points, depending on the poll, depending on the state. And you just haven’t seen the traction for the guy that was supposed to be “the guy.”

John Roberts 

Yeah, it was just wait until Ron DeSantis gets in the race and Trump’s gonna be in trouble. It’s not the case.

Bret Baier  

There’s a change in policy, clearly. There’s a change in media strategy. We at Special Report had been trying to get an interview with Ron DeSantis for months. And had asked repeatedly. We just got confirmation that we will interview the governor in New Hampshire, Monday.

John Roberts

As long as he makes that far! But let’s just put it up because this is a really interesting timeline about the constant reboots here of the DeSantis campaign, or at least the repeated reboots. April, DeSantis SuperPAC debuts its very first television ad. May 24 is the announcement. By July 6, circulation of a confidential campaign memo. July 15, Campaign fires a dozen staffers. July 24, The New York Times reports of campaigns moving into leaner, meaner operation, cutting costs. We now find out that the cutting 38 staffers. DeSantis says he’s going to hold smaller-scale events in earlier states and then engage more with the mainstream media, which would dovetail right into the idea that you’ve got this interview with him coming up Monday in New Hampshire. But that’s an awful lot of trouble for a campaign that’s barely two months old.

Bret Baier  

It is. I mean, remember, we haven’t made it to the first debate, which is August 23 in Milwaukee.

John Roberts

Which he will qualify for.

Bret Baier 

He will, and he has talked about being there on the stage. I do think this is setting up to figure out who will be the person who goes up against the former President. Right now, if you look at every poll, if you look at the positioning, if you look at what has happened after every indictment, after every major legal maneuver, the former President’s numbers have only gone up. So, there would have to be a major change for that to shift. And I think that there is a fight to be the one person who will be the alternative.

John Roberts  

Yeah, I mean, maybe you dilute the pool of remaining voters by having so many people in the race, but if you’re a candidate, you’ve got to be looking at this saying, “God, no matter what happens to Donald Trump, he just keeps getting stronger. Maybe, we should save our powder and you know, come back at this in 2028.”


  1. will

    Trump is our only choice to get our country back. He will purge our country of these communists traitors. He has the backbone to do it. That’s why they are trying so hard and breaking our country apart trying to keep him out of the power to lock them all up. Which is what he will do thank God!!!

  2. Adrian

    Every attempt they make to work with the Marxist democrats to stop DJT ends in utter failure. If the sorts rinos can’t stop him one way they will another. They cannot allow him to win

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