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U.S. Senator Tim Scott Endorses President Donald J. Trump

Tonight, U.S. Senator Tim Scott announced his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump.



Watch Senator Tim Scott’s endorsement here.




Poll: South Carolina Will Be Haley’s Downfall


New polling from Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates shows that Nikki Haley is being absolutely crushed in her homestate of South Carolina.

Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates: “President Donald Trump crushing Nikki Haley in her home state. In the 3-way ballot, President Trump leads her 64% – 25% with Ron DeSantis a very distant third at 8%. What’s worse for Haley is her lack of committed vote. Nearly all of Trump’s voters – an outright majority of 58% – are ‘definitely’ voting for him, compared to just 18% for Haley.

The head-to-head contest is no better for Haley. One on one, President Trump swamps her 68% to 28% with just 4% undecided. Again, Haley’s weakness is evident in that only 22% are definitely voting for her compared to a whopping 60% definitely voting for President Trump.”

“Nikki Haley thought South Carolina was going to be her firewall, but instead it will be her downfall.” — Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc.



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