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Turley Dismantled House Democrats’ Obstruction Claims

As Professor Turley made clear in his testimony, House Democrats have no real case for obstruction.

Professor Turley made it clear in his congressional testimony that House Democrats have not established obstruction.

  • TURLEY: “[House Democrats] record does not establish obstruction in this case.”
  • Turley testified that House Democrats obstruction claim does not establish “a plausible case of criminal obstruction or a viable impeachable offense.”

Past presidents – including Obama – have exercised the same privileges and immunities in response to requests from Congress.

  • As Professor Turley pointed out, Obama “invoked executive privilege and barred essential testimony and documents” during Congress’ Fast and Furious probe.
  • House Democrats would have been forced to impeach Obama based on their new obstruction standard.

House Democrats’ obstruction claims are at odds with the intentions of our founding fathers.

  • Turley rejected House Democrats’ attempts to invoke the founders in support of their obstruction claims.
  • According to Turley, it was “rather surprising that you would have George Washington in this jury pool. George Washington was the first guy to raise extreme executive privilege claims.”

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