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Trump’s India Love Fest; Dems Tangle Tonight; Bernie’s Fidel Fan Club

TRUMP’S HISTORIC VISIT TO INDIA…DEM DEBATE TONIGHT…BERNIE’S UNAPOLOGETIC RADICALISM…Fidel Love Affair…President Trump has restored America’s standing in the world:

  • President Trump is strengthening the crucial relationship between the United States and India.
  • Commerce between the U.S and India has increased by more than 40% since President Trump took office.
  • India is now a major market for American exports—and the United States is India’s largest export market.
  • President Trump and Prime Minister Modi are working toward a new trade agreement that will greatly benefit both nations.
  • Yesterday, the President announced that India will purchase over $3 billion in American military equipment for India’s armed forces.

The tenth Democratic debate will be a circular firing squad:

  • Democrats face off tonight on the debate stage in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • After a convincing win in Nevada, Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner and will be targeted heavily tonight.
  • In a clear sign of panic, Mike Bloomberg postponed his CNN Townhall on Monday night to focus on debate prep—attempting to avoid another disaster on stage.
  • After claiming for months that South Carolina was his firewall state, Joe Biden is now backtracking.
    • According to recent CBS South Carolina poll, Joe Biden is losing ground with black voters—with his support declining 19 points since November.
  • No matter the outcome tonight, the Democratic Party is seriously fractured and in the midst of a major identity crisis that won’t be resolved anytime soon.
  • Meanwhile, the Republican Party has never been stronger and is firmly unified behind President Trump.

Yo, Bernie Bros, Looky Here: Bernie Loves Fidel

Bernie Sanders is telling us who he is: an unabashed socialist 

  • Senator Bernie Sanders praised former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:
    • “It’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program.”
    • He doubled down on the comments in a CNN townhall last night, “the truth is the truth.”
  • Bernie Sanders is embracing campaign surrogates with a history of anti-Semitic views.
    • Multiple Sanders’ surrogates advocate anti-Semitic policies that will destroy the State of Israel.
  • Bernie Sanders still has no answers for how he plans to pay for his socialist agenda:
    • “I can’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime.”
  • Whether or not he emerges as the Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders is undoubtedly the thought leader Democratic Party.
  • Democrats across the country will have to answer for his radical, big government policies in November.

Bernie on Cops in 1981: Huh?

  • Bernie Sanders in 1981: Some Police Forces ‘Dominated by Fascists and Nazis’

    Newly exposed comments come on heels of Sanders’ praise of communist regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela

    ARLINTON HEIGHTS, IL (February 25, 2020) – Newly discovered documents show presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) made controversial and offensive remarks about police officers in an interview conducted in the 1980s with a communist newspaper operated by the Socialist Workers Party.

    The find was made this week by Heartland Institute Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief Justin Haskins, who broke the news earlier today on the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Radio Program.

  • In the June 12, 1981, issue of The Militant, Sanders, who had recently been elected the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, told a reporter for the paper in a “special interview” that some police forces “are dominated by fascists and Nazis,” also adding that some police in Burlington are “bad eggs.”

    “We’ve got cops here,” Sanders told The Militant, “who are good trade unionists on all the regular trade union issues, and who also have a concern for young people. Probably the major crime problem we have in the city is with young people. They [the police] see the futility of arresting poor kids all the time and they want to get involved in some of the projects which we’re beginning to dent the surface on.”

    The article then reports, “Sanders added that he knows that some police forces ‘are dominated by fascists and Nazis. … But on the other hand, here we have a police force—and we may well have our bad eggs too—but I don’t consider these guys who are making $10,000 a year as my enemies, as much as that may offend certain people in the left-wing movement.’”

    According to The Militant, Sanders’ comments were made in reaction to concerns expressed by “some radicals”—a word often used at that time to describe socialists and communists, including Sanders himself—critical of the relatively high degree of support Sanders received from the local police in his 1980 mayoral campaign.

    “These disturbing comments by Sen. Bernie Sanders serve as further proof that his ideological views are far more radical and dangerous than many in the Democratic Party are willing to admit.

    “Sanders’ outrageous description of police officers as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists,’ along with his long track record of supporting authoritarian socialist and communist regimes in countries such as Cuba and Nicaragua, prove that Sanders’ commitment to Marxist principles far surpasses his love of the United States and those who have devoted their lives to protecting its communities.”

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