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Trump’s Economy Puts Dems in Panic Mode

Trump’s Recovery Sends Dems Into Panic, so they roll out “Get Trump Out Plan G:  Close schools, so parents can’t work”

Their power, seemingly guaranteed during the lockdowns with unemployment predicted to exceed 20 percent, is now at risk as Trump’s rocket ship economic recovery takes hold.

The national Democrats’ plan of endless coronavirus lockdowns, moving goal-posts, and tanking the greatest economy in the history of America to oust President Trump from the White House was flawlessly and diabolically executed through their blue state governors and mayors.

Everything was going the Dems way: massive unemployment, their systematic assassination of small business as they pummeled them into bankruptcy, and the spreading of wide-scale depression and fear amongst the populace through their media sycophants.

This trifecta of pain and suffering would lead to lower consumer demand, a further disastrous economy, diminishing stock and 401K portfolios, and a pre-November depression.  Dems knew they to had to milk the pandemic until October to justify mail-out-mail in ballots (“you can’t risk dying for voting”) to steal the election if necessary.

Then the protests and riots over George Floyd’s heinous murder hit every major city in America and all of a sudden social distancing was out the window, no longer in vogue (oh, and there were no “body bags in Cul-de-sacs” as was predicted).

Then an even bigger shock for Dems: the May jobs report came out and all hell broke loose. How could this be, the Dems asked?

So now they go to “Plan G” to oust Trump – plans “A” to “F” having failed miserably (Russia collusion, Michael Flynn, spy-gate, 25th Amendment, Ukraine, impeachment).

What’s plan G? Their last gasp: revamp fear.

Action: make up bogus reasons to keep public schools closed to keep kids home in the fall–that way mom or dad can’t go back to work and unemployment stays high through November 2.

Fauci and Birx will surely give the “all-clear” on November 3.

Leading us off tomorrow is a bi-partisan panel of two Virginia state-legislators who have seen enough: Republican Del. Dave LaRock and Democratic Senator Chap Petersen. They’ve filed a lawsuit against Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. The gig is up.

The Job Creators Network Foundation (JCNF) launched its “Flatten the Fear” campaign to tell Americans who are frightened of Covid-19 that they can safely reengage society.

The campaign puts a microphone in front of prominent physicians who are warning of the negative health consequences of the extended lockdown and the importance of reopening society.  The campaign consists of a billboard in New York’s Times Square, an ad in the New York Times, a commercial on social media and a website.  All will continue throughout this week using multiple media platforms.

Our segments on “Flatten the Fear” are led by Dr. Carlos Gazitua and JCN senior official Elaine Parker.

Click here for the complete show and guest lineup.

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