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Trump’s Covid-19 Response Altered by Fake News Clowns at CNN

5 Key Facts About President Trump’s Coronavirus Response

1. President Trump took early and decisive action to protect the American people from the coronavirus.

·       The President acted quickly, issuing a travel notice for Wuhan, China and strengthening screening at airports before there was even a single known case in the United States.

2. President Trump secured our border and restricted travel from China and other hot spots around the world.

·       President Trump implemented travel restrictions on China, Iran, Europe, the U.K, and partnered with Canada and Mexico to limit travel across our borders.

3. President Trump took bold action to slow the spread and save lives.

·       President Trump implemented data-based guidelines to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and the results are showing.

4. President Trump’s leadership has led the largest public and private sector industrial mobilization since World War II.

·       President Trump mobilized all available resources to rapidly ramp up testing to unprecedented levels and deliver needed supplies to the frontlines. As a result no American who has needed a ventilator has gone without one.

5. President Trump has delivered massive economic relief for Americans impacted by the coronavirus.

·       President Trump secured direct economic relief payments, billions in loans for small businesses, expanded unemployment benefits, and more for American families and workers.

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