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Trump’s Border Wall Under Construction As Hundreds of Miles Are Planned

Victory! The wall is being built! Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court decision, allowing the largest sections of the wall to be built…Decision funds the southern border wall construction with $4 billion…entire border wall is either under construction or beginning to be under construction…

The crisis at the southern border is something that President Trump has made a priority.

  • Data shows that in areas where the wall has been constructed, crime and illegal entrance into the United States has significantly dropped off.
  • Candidate Trump promised to “build the wall” in 2016. Now, in 2020, the southern border wall is being built.
    • Promises made. Promises kept.

Meanwhile the impeachment sham drags on:

  • Nancy Pelosi is continuing to play political games, attempting to illegitimately expel President Trump from office.
  • After running an unfair impeachment process in the House, Pelosi is trying to force the same thing in the Senate.
  • Nancy Pelosi has delayed sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate for 22 days now.
  • The impeachment process has been completely unfair to the Trump administration since day one.
  • Nothing about impeachment has been bipartisan – it is being pushed solely by leading Democrats in Congress with personal vendettas against the President.

President Trump holds Keep America Great rally in Ohio:

  • Tonight, thousands of Americans will rally in support of President Trump in Toledo, Ohio.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s strong economic policies, the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2% in Ohio.
  • Since President Trump took office, over 94,000 new jobs have been added to Ohio’s economy.
    • This includes 15,000 new manufacturing jobs.
  • Over 66,000 people in Ohio have been lifted out of poverty since President Trump took office, and the number of Ohioans on food stamps has fallen by 151,000.
  • Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the average Ohioan saw around $1,500 back in their paycheck.
  • The major tax reform is expected to add around 46,000 new jobs to Ohio over the next 10 years.

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