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Trump To U.S. Workers: “You’re First!”

Joe Biden has always put China first.

There has never been a President who has cared so much about the hardworking men and women of America. Every day, President Trump keeps his promise to fight for them. And despite China unleashing a deadly virus on the world, President Trump is rebuilding and restoring America’s economy and delivering real results once again.

President Trump is building a more inclusive economy for workers of all income levels, and getting Americans back to work at record speed:

  • The Trump Administration’s tax cuts delivered $2,000 in tax savings to the average family of four. The historic law reduced taxes across all income levels and brought American jobs back from overseas.
  • Before the artificial interruption to our economy from the China virus, wages for typical workers were rising at their fastest rate in a decade. Wages for the bottom quarter of workers were outpacing gains for high-income workers.
  • The Trump Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program saved more than 51 million American jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • President Trump’s Great American Comeback is adding back jobs at record speed and beating expectations. August unemployment hit 8.4%, despite the Federal Reserve predicting that unemployment would still be at 9.3% by the end of 2020.
  • Under the Obama-Biden Administration, it took nearly three years to get the unemployment rate under 8.5%. President Trump did it in under 4 months.

President Trump kept his promise to negotiate America First trade deals that put American workers first:

The Trump Administration is supporting American workers in every way possible:

  • The Trump Administration established the National Council for the America Worker to develop a strategy for training and retraining the workers needed across high-demand industries. The council pledged to “expand programs that educate, train, and reskill American workers.”
  • More than 430 companies and organizations have signed President Trump’s Pledge to America’s Workers, contributing to over 16 million new education and training opportunities for students and workers.
  • President Trump is expanding apprenticeships, education, and workforce development programs in America.
  • The Trump Administration established the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board to provide advise to the National Council for the American Worker and improve skills-based hiring and training.

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