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Trump To Declare National Emergency To Speed Virus Response at 3:00 PM

President Trump agrees to G-7 Video conference on Monday to address global financial situation.


President Trump is ensuring that coronavirus testing is readily available for all Americans:

  • Today, the FDA granted Roche Holding AG an emergency approval for an automated coronavirus test.
    • The company said this could increase testing tenfold.
  • The Trump Administration continues to expand testing availability across the country.
    • Testing is now available at all state labs.
    • By the end of this week there will be four million more tests made available in jurisdictions around the country.
  • All our major health insurance companies have now joined with Medicare and Medicaid and agreed to waive all co-pays and cover the costs of all testing for those who contract the coronavirus.

President Trump has taken bold actions to protect the health of all Americans:

  • Actions including:
    • Announcing that he will be restricting travel to the United States from foreign nationals who have recently been in certain European countries.
      • This travel restriction will not apply to the United Kingdom.
    • Announcing  an economic assistance package to help support businesses and workers affected by this outbreak.
    • Instructing the Small Business Administration to provide loans to businesses affected by the coronavirus.
    • Instructing the Department of the Treasury to defer tax payments for certain and individuals and businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus.
      • This will provide more than $200 billion of additional liquidity to the economy.
    • Announcing that he will soon be taking emergency action to provide financial relief for workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others due to the coronavirus.
    • Signing an $8.3 billion funding bill for vaccines, treatment, medical supplies, and testing increases.
    • Signing the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019, reauthorizing programs that ensure the Nation is prepared for, and equipped to respond to, public health emergencies like coronavirus.

President Trump made clear that our economy is prepared to weather the storm:

  • During his address to the nation, President Trump reassured Americans that the economy is strong:
    • “Because of the economic policies that we have put into place over the last three years, we have the greatest economy anywhere in the world, by far.”
    • “Our banks and financial institutions are fully capitalized and incredibly strong.  Our unemployment is at a historic low.  This vast economic prosperity gives us flexibility, reserves, and resources to handle any threat that comes our way.”
    • “This is not a financial crisis, this is just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.”

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are shamelessly politicizing the coronavirus pandemic:

  • During his address to the nation, President Trump called for unity during this public health crisis:
    • “We are all in this together. We must put politics aside, stop the partisanship, and unify together as one nation and one family.”
  • Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders ignored the message yesterday and launched false attacks on President Trump.
  • Joe Biden opposed the China travel restrictions put in place by President Trump.
    • President Trump’s prudent travel restrictions early on saved countless lives and bought America precious time.
    • If Joe Biden were in charge, our country would have been at serious risk and more Americans would have been infected.
  • Just like in every other area, Joe Biden’s record on managing public health crises is horrendous:
    • As Vice President during the 2009 swine flu outbreak, Biden ignored the advice of scientists and made reckless comments that caused mass hysteria.
    • The Obama White House had to immediately issue an apology for Joe Biden’s remarks and the alarm he caused.
  • Today, the Joe Biden earned four Pinocchios from the Washington Post Fact Checker for spreading a manipulated video of President Trump calling the coronavirus a hoax.
  • Bernie Sanders is using the coronavirus to shamelessly advocate his signature campaign promise—Medicare for All.
    • Bernie’s takeover of government healthcare would drive doctors and other medical workers away from the profession, leaving American woefully unprepared for public health emergencies.
  • Bernie Sanders has also said he would not close down the borders in order to keep the American people safe from coronavirus—further proving his lack of bold leadership.

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