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Trump Takes Charge, Beats Back COVID-19, Biden’s Radical Agenda Hidden In Basement

President Trump is back at the White House and leading the fight to save our country:

  • Leaders like President Trump don’t cower in the face of challenges, they face them head-on and emerge stronger than ever before.
  • President Trump’s resolve embodies the best of the unbreakable American spirit.
  • President Trump made clear the best path forward in the war against the coronavirus is an aggressive strategy focused on protecting Americans at the highest risk.
  • President Trump is against an extended lockdown because it would fail to target resources at the highest-risk populations, while inflicting massive economic pain, long-lasting damage on society and public health as a whole.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s bold leadership, our country has made historic progress on lifesaving therapies and treatments.
  • President Trump cut red tape and unleashed American medical genius, granting Americans access to the finest medical care against the coronavirus in the entire world.
    • Since the spring, coronavirus fatality rates have fallen significantly.
  • The Trump Administration continues to remain on track to deliver a vaccine before the end of the year.
  • Once approved, the Trump Administration will oversee the largest, fastest, and most advanced vaccine distribution effort in American history.
  • President Trump’s Administration built the world’s leading testing system, with our country now having conducted more than 118 million tests.
Joe Biden lied his way through a town hall last night:
  • Joe Biden’s town hall last night in Miami was a Biden infomercial.
  • Joe Biden received no tough questions and there seemed to be no undecided voters in the audience as advertised.
  • Nevertheless, Joe Biden managed to tell numerous lies because he can’t defend the indefensible – his record.
  • Joe Biden falsely claimed 18,000 people got clemency while he was vice president.
    • In reality, 18,000 were denied clemency while he was vice president.
  • Joe Biden claimed he has tremendous support from the police.
    • At the first presidential debate, Joe Biden couldn’t name a single law enforcement group that supported him.
  • Joe Biden once again repeated the Charlottesville lie about President Trump.
    • After Charlottesville, President Trump specifically and totally condemned neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

Just as President Trump has the American economy roaring back, Joe Biden promises to ruin it with failed liberal economic policies:

  • In the last five months, the economy has added back 11.4 million jobs, more than half of all the jobs lost due to the pandemic.
    • When Joe Biden was vice president, it took 6 times as long – 30 months – to add back the same percentage of jobs.
  • The only real threat to the recovering American economy is a Joe Biden presidency.
  • Joe Biden has pledged $4 trillion tax hikes on almost all American families that would totally collapse the fastest labor market recovery in history.
    • 82 percent of Americans would see their taxes go up under the Biden tax plan – shrinking the economy by 1.5 percent and eliminating 585,000 jobs.
    • Under Biden’s tax plan, the United States will have a higher corporate tax rate than communist China, leading millions of American jobs to be shipped overseas.
  • Joe Biden has no idea how to stimulate economic growth – as vice president he presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.
  • Biden is promising to reimplement overburdensome red tape that strangles businesses and passes massive cost hikes onto American consumers.
  • Biden’s proposing a radical energy plan that will kill more than 10 million good-paying American jobs and force middle-class families to grapple with higher gasoline prices and energy taxes.

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