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Trump Sets Stage For Law and Order Campaign at Mt. Rushmore

President Trump blasted lawless Leftists and framed the 2020 Presidential campaign in what many believe was the best, most impactful and timely speech of his political career…Trump is making the 2020 campaign into a simple choice: Order and civilization (Trump) vs. anarchy and chaos (Biden)…Trump was unapologetic for the defense of law and order, the American dream, American freedom, American liberty and values and the preservation of American history…let the campaign begin…his key comments are below:

POTUS AT MOUNT RUSHMORE, BIDEN’S DANGEROUS VISION FOR AMERICA, President Trump delivered a historic speech on American exceptionalism, celebrating our country’s independence:


  • “There could be no better place to celebrate America’s independence than beneath this magnificent, incredible, majestic mountain and monument to the greatest Americans who have ever lived.”
  • “Our Founders launched not only a revolution in government, but a revolution in the pursuit of justice, equality, liberty, and prosperity. No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America.”
  • “Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing, they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress.”
  • “No movement that seeks to dismantle these treasured American legacies can possibly have a love of America at its heart.”
  • “The radical ideology attacking our country advances under the banner of social justice. But in truth, it would demolish both justice and society.”
  • “We will state the truth in full, without apology: We declare that the United States of America is the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on Earth.”
  • “We know that the American family is the bedrock of American life.”
  • “We remember that governments exist to protect the safety and happiness of their own people.  A nation must care for its own citizens first. We must take care of America first.”
  • “We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child, of every color—born and unborn—is made in the holy image of God.”
  • “We stand tall, we stand proud, and we only kneel to Almighty God.”
  • “My fellow citizens: America’s destiny is in our sights. America’s heroes are embedded in our hearts.  America’s future is in our hands.  And ladies and gentlemen: the best is yet to come.”

Joe Biden and the left-wing mob want to tear down every American institution and reshape it in their radical view:

  • You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.
  • Joe Biden is not a leader—he’s a puppet of the radical left.
  • Joe Biden is bowing to the mob—refusing to condemn the radicals and help put an end to the lawlessness.
  • The recent chaos unfolding in liberal cities is a preview of what America will look like with Joe Biden as the president.
  • While Joe Biden sits idly by as the left-wing mob tears down statues and attempts to erase American history, President Trump is steadfastly defending it.
  • Last night, President Trump announced the creation of a new monument to the giants of our past.
  • President Trump signed an executive order to establish the National Garden of American Heroes, a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live.

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