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Trump Roars Through Daytona 500 As Economy Soars

Celebrating President Trump on Presidents’ Day:

  • Today we honor the birthday of George Washington and other monumental leaders of America.
  • As we commemorate the great leaders of our nation, we are reminded of all the historic accomplishments President Trump has made in just three short years.
    • 7 million jobs created, including over 500,000 manufacturing jobs.
    • Record-breaking unemployment lows for Asian, Latino, and black Americans.
    • A 50-year unemployment low for America.
    • For the first time ever, more jobs are available than jobless Americans.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s dedication to making America great again, Americans are seeing the real results of his prosperous policies.
  • President Trump’s record-breaking accomplishments are just the beginning – the best is yet to come!

President Trump at the Daytona 500:

  • Over the weekend, President Trump became the first President to serve as Grand Marshal for the Daytona 500.
  • Team Trump advertised a new ad during the race, titled “New Heights” that highlights President Trump’s historic wins for America. (Click here to watch the latest ad)
  • The campaign also flew an aerial banner near the Speedway to remind the NASCAR fans that President Trump is fighting for them.
  • After flying in on Air Force One, President Trump was greeted by massive cheers from the patriots of NASCAR.
  • President Trump also met with many NASCAR crew members and drivers – these patriots are the strong supporters of President Trump and everything he is doing for America.

The economy is continuing to soar under President Trump:

  • With over 225,000 jobs created just last month, the hottest economy in modern history shows no signs of slowing down.  
  • Wages have continuously grown at or around 3% for 23 consecutive months, meaning more money in the pockets of Americans.
  • Recent polling indicates that Americans are more financially secure than they were a year ago.
    • Gallup reports that 90% of Americans are satisfied with their personal life – the highest in four decades.
  • The USMCA is a historic trade deal that will add $68 billion into the U.S. economy and provide our farmers with the fair-trade practices they deserve.
  • President Trump’s strong economic and trade policies are resulting in a “Blue-collar boom” that is leading to the “Great American Comeback.”
  • Americans are ready for four more years of Donald J. Trump!

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