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Trump Praises Georgia Star News Reporter Laura Baigert

Former President Donald Trump released a statement on Thursday praising Georgia Star News journalist Laura Baigert for her investigative reporting efforts.

“Thank you and congratulations to Laura Baigert of the Georgia Star News on the incredible reporting you have done. Keep going! The scam is all unraveling fast!” President Trump said of her reporting.

Recently, Baigert has been investigating the process of the November 2020 election throughout the state of Georgia. She has uncovered several concerning actions relating the handling of absentee ballots, specifically in Fulton County — a population center of Georgia.

According to her reporting, several months after the November 2020 election and after failing on two occasions to produce a complete chain of custody documents for absentee ballot drop boxes, the Fulton County Registration and an Elections official said that they “needed more time” to produce the documents.

Read the full report from The Tennessee Star News.

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