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Trump Posts Blockbuster Fundraising Haul, Dems Continue with Clown Show; Iraq Embassy Attack

Trump 2020 Campaign Blows Away Fundraising Numbers on Impeachment Backdrop…Trump camp hauls in $46 Million Q-4 ’19…Trump 2020 wallowing in cash with $102.7 Million cash on hand…most ever by a re-election campaign at this point…Trump 2020 expands map…Virginia to get massive resources…money bombs fall as response to impeachment clown show…

Democrats continue with impeachment in the New Year:

  • Entering into the next Presidential election year, Democrats are still pushing their impeachment sham.
  • After a drawn-out and unfair impeachment process in the House, the articles of impeachment will next go to the Senate for more hearings.
  • Nancy Pelosi has played political games at the expense of hardworking men and women.
    • Once being against impeachment, Nancy Pelosi often said that impeachment should be a bipartisan act.
    • The only bipartisan support in this impeachment process has been AGAINST impeachment.
  • Constituents will remember the divisive tactics leading Democrats used during this impeachment sham when the next election comes around.

President Trump’s swift action in Iraq:

  • Following the attacks on the U.S. Embassy on December 31, President Trump acted quickly to save American lives.
  • Within a matter of time, President Trump deployed air support and Marines to the Embassy for protection.
  • With no unanswered calls for help, this is the opposite of the Benghazi attacks.
  • President Trump’s swift action stands in stark contrast with the Benghazi attack and coverup during the Obama-Biden administration.
  • Sending around 650 troops to the Embassy in Baghdad, President Trump wasted no time in ensuring the safety of Americans.

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