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Trump: Open America Now!

As the President has laid out, he wants the country to be able to open up safely, and stronger than ever before.

·       President Trump has led the largest mobilization of the public and private sector since World War II to combat this invisible enemy.


  • President Trump is providing unprecedented support to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Since the second round of PPP loan processing began, 2.2 million loans have been processed, worth more than $175 billion.
    • The number of loans provided in the second round has already surpassed the total number of loans from the first round of PPP assistance.
  • The Trump Administration has provided more than half a trillion in dollars in support for small businesses in total – an unprecedented and swift lifeline for struggling businesses.


  • President Trump took decisive action early on to confront the coronavirus and protect the American people.
  • The CDC issued a travel notice for Wuhan on January 6th – before there had been a single U.S. case.
  • The CDC began enhanced screening at three major U.S. airports on January 17th – again, before there had been any cases in the U.S.
  • The CDC activated an emergency operations center on January 21st – when there had only been a single U.S. case of coronavirus.
  • In January, President Trump issued travel restrictions on China and the CDC issued a mandatory quarantine for the first time in more than 50 years.
  • President Trump launched the Coronavirus Task Force and declared a public health emergency in January.


·       President Trump has provided unprecedented resources to states to assist with coronavirus response.

·       An effective response is federally supported, state managed, and locally implemented.

·       Governors like Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Gavin Newsom (D-CA), and Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) have extensively praised President Trump’s response efforts.

o   Just this weekend, Gov. Murphy stated the President has been “extremely responsive in our hour of need.”


  • President Trump rapidly revolutionized our testing system and scaled up testing across the country to an unprecedented level.
  • Starting from scratch, the United States has now performed more than 6.5 million tests – far more than any other country.
  • Some states, like New York, are doing multiple times the per capita testing that other countries are.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, we now have enough testing to allow states to move toward phase one of reopening when ready.


  • President Trump is working to safely get therapeutics to the frontlines as soon as possible in order to save lives.
  • Experts across the government will continue examining therapeutics to ensure they are safe and effective.
  • The United States is using every resource available to quickly develop a vaccine.


  • The President has moved heaven and earth to ensure supplies get to where they are needed most.
  • President Trump effectively leveraged the Defense Production Act to spur private sector action.
    • Thanks to President Trump, 3M agreed to produce 166.5 million masks over the three months.
  • The Administration is procuring 100,000 ventilators in 100 days – three times more than the U.S. normally produces in a year.


  • Americans are hurting through no fault of their own due to the coronavirus, and President Trump is working to ensure they have the support they need.
    • President Trump secured direct payments for Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, paused foreclosures and student loan payments, and more.
  • President Trump’s policies took this economy to historic heights and they will do so again.


  • President Trump has taken action to ensure our food supply chain remains safe, stable, and strong, all while protecting workers.
  • President Trump signed an Executive Order allowing meat and poultry processors to continue operations to the maximum extent possible.

·       The President announced $16 billion in assistance for farmers and ranchers who experience economic losses during this pandemic.

President Trump Spurs Unprecedented Private Sector Action to Combat Coronavirus

Under President Trump’s leadership, companies across the country have stepped up to help with response efforts.


  • Under President Trump’s leadership, companies across America are repurposing their facilities, reallocating resources, and lending help to response efforts.
  • Today, President Trump will travel to Phoenix, Arizona to see Honeywell’s face mask production firsthand.
    • Honeywell has repurposed their Phoenix Aerospace facility, which is expected to produce more than 20 million N95 masks in total.
    • Honeywell is hiring an additional 500 workers in Phoenix for the operations.


  • President Trump has harnessed public-private partnerships to rapidly increase testing capacity and secure needed medical supplies.
  • President Trump has effectively leveraged the Defense Production Action to spur private sector action.
  • Last week, President Trump announced action under the DPA to help manufacture 40 million swabs to expand testing.

·       President Trump secured a deal with 3M to produce 166.5 million masks in the coming months.

·       President Trump leveraged the DPA to spur General Motors to ramp up ventilator production, which are now rolling off the assembly line at their Kokomo, IN facility.

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