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Trump Leaves GOP With an Identity Crisis. First Test: Virginia

Truncated article from the Los Angeles Times – FULL STORY

Anti-Chase Republicans — even some who are former President Trump’s allies — worry that her nomination would sink the party’s chances, including for down-ballot candidates, this year and into the future.

“There is no way that Amanda Chase is going to be the governor of Virginia,” John Fredericks, a conservative radio host, said on a recent show. “She has zero chance of winning.”

The scramble among Virginia Republicans is an early window into the emerging divisions within the Republican Party: Although Trump has left the White House, Trumpism remains at the center of the political scene.

Many GOP officials in Washington have been trying to distance themselves from Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol rampage that left five dead. But he remains a dominant figure among Republican voters, candidates, and officials beyond the Beltway.

Truncated article from the Los Angeles Times – FULL STORY

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