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Trump Economy Booming!

The record economic growth going on right now is simply undeniable: the US GDP grew at 33.1% in the third quarter, beating expectations.

GDP booms

Trump’s Great American Comeback:

  • Trump’s 33.1% GDP growth in Q3 is DOUBLE the post-World War II record of 16.7% in Q1 1950.
  • The U.S. economy has recovered about two-thirds of its coronavirus losses.
  • 11,417,000 jobs have been added back in just 5 months under Trump and Pence, recovering 52% of jobs lost.

Furthermore, CNBC reports, “Economic activity was strong in the real estate sector, and consumer and business executive surveys showed that confidence has remained high about the future despite the virus-related setbacks.”

And the American people know that President Trump has their back:

Bottom Line: The economy grew at the highest rate ever on President Trump’s watch.  On November 3rd, the choice is simple, continue the policies that provided the conditions for the recovery by voting for President Trump. Biden’s tax increases and job-killing energy policies would slam the brakes on the Great American Comeback.

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