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Trump Defends Johnson, Rips Prosecution in Post-Court Radio Interview

Read the story by Meridith McGraw of Politico here.




Trump: I Want Mike Johnson, Don’t Vacate



Read the story by Jeffrey Rodack of NewsMax here.


  1. Anonymous

    On this one I cannot agree. Johnson has not measured up. He show a tendancy to favor libs in all his decisions. T republican congress has let the people down. Time for a new speaker/

  2. Anonymous

    I love president trump but have to disagree on this one. Mike Johnson has to go. He gave Democrats a win with that 95 million foreign aid bill. Johnson is not working in behalf of the conservative people. Where is our border bill. Where is it Johnson ???? Get lost your not on our side. Your useless. You don’t know how to make deals. Your a loser.

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