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Trump Crushes It in NH; Bernie Bros Win and Bloomberg’s Blooper

Salem, New Hampshire—We were the first to call the Amy surge and Biden’s 5th place debacle…we had 1-8 finishers exactly right in New Hampshire in order…

Recap of the New Hampshire primary:

  • President Trump won the Republican primary in New Hampshire by record-breaking numbers.
  • Earning 118,774 votes, President Trump’s primary votes were DOUBLE that of President Obama’s during his re-election campaign.
    • Obama brought in 49,080 votes.
  • President Trump earned the highest number of votes for an incumbent president in modern history!
    • Bush: 53,962
    • Clinton: 76,797
    • Reagan: 65,033
  • Bill Weld earned only 9.2% of the primary vote.
  • After a HUGE rally at the SNHU arena, New Hampshire made their voice clear: they are ready for FOUR MORE YEARS of President Donald J. Trump.

Socialist Bernie Sanders wins Democrat primary:

  • The Democrat primary in New Hampshire was won by self-avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders.
  • Bernie Sanders earned the lowest vote total of any Democrat nominee in 68 years.
  • The Democrats are continuing their dumpster fire of a campaign trail.
  • Two different candidates have won the first two primaries and caucuses in nation, indicating that the Democrat Party is not unified.
  • Democrats are continuing to run on unstable, socialist policies – policies that will not be a winning strategy in November.
  • A recent Gallup poll shows that Americans do not support the Democrat’s socialist agenda.
    • 53% of Americans said they would NOT vote for a socialist, and 45% said they would.

Mini-Mike Bloomberg’s outrageous comments:

  • Released audio from Mike Bloomberg in 2015 further proves he is not qualified to be president.
  • His irredeemable comments are not something he can go on an apology tour for.
  • These comments are going to follow him throughout the remainder of his presidential run – regardless of how much money he burns on ads.
  • Bloomberg needs to realize he can’t buy likability or favorability. His record does not sit well with the American people.
  • While Bloomberg thinks you can “Xerox” the physical description of criminals, President Trump is taking on criminal justice reform like no other president before him.

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