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Trump Campaign Update: USMCA, IG Hearing, Americans Stand With POTUS

Finally, a deal is reached on the USMCA:

  • After Nancy Pelosi fought President Trump on one of the greatest pieces of legislation for a year, she has finally announced her support for the deal.
  • Pelosi and House Democrats focused all their time and energy on pushing the bogus impeachment instead of passing meaningful legislation for Americans.
  • After announcing the articles of impeachment against President Trump, Nancy Pelosi voiced her support for the USMCA.
  • The President of Mexico even had a letter hand delivered to Nancy Pelosi back in October, asking her to call for a vote on the deal. She ignored it.
  • The new deal replaces the horrible NAFTA trade deal, placing our farmers and ranchers as top priority.
  • The USMCA will add $68.2 billion to economy and create around 176,000 new jobs.
    • This includes 76,000 new manufacturing and auto industry jobs.
  • In a country where many state economies hinge on the farming industry, it is high time this magnificent trade deal be voted on and passed.

The IG hearing today on Capitol Hill: 

  • As Inspector General Michael Horowitz testifies in the Senate today, here’s what we already know:
    • There were “at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA application.”
    • The process was full of errors and “serious performance failures.”
    • The Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign and DNC paid for foreign sources to manufacture fake news against President Trump.
    • The report indicates there were “numerous factual errors and omission” in the FISA warrant application process.
  • The behavior from the FBI during the FISA warrant application process is unacceptable.
  • As Attorney General Barr put it, “…the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.”

Americans stand with President Trump:

  • As the impeachment process drags along, Americans are voicing their support for President Trump in record numbers.
  • Whether it be record fundraising or record crowd sizes, President Trump is growing his base in the face of the impeachment sham.
  • Last night’s rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania produced huge crowds and huge support for the President.
    • 23,207 voters were identified.
    • 20% of attendees voted in one of the last four elections (4% voted in none).
    • 20.3% of rally goers were registered Democrats.
    • 18% were non-white.
  • As Democrats and the media force impeachment down the throats of Americans, voters are standing with President Trump.

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