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Trump Campaign Statement on Obama Campaigning for Biden

“Joe Biden is clearly not up to the rigors of campaigning for president, so he’s calling in Barack Obama as a reinforcement. And it begs the question: How much did Obama know about his White House being for sale to the highest foreign bidder while Joe Biden was his Vice President? We now know that Hunter Biden was on a world tour, selling access to his powerful father. There’s a reason Obama waited until there were no Democrats left in the primaries before he finally endorsed Joe Biden. It’s because Biden has been a failure for 47 years in Washington and is now compromised by the Communist Party of China. And Obama can’t help Biden defend his own record of putting foreign interests ahead of working Americans in bad trade policies, crushing our energy jobs under massive regulations, killing manufacturing jobs, and refusing to enforce our borders.”

– Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 Communications Director

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