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Trump Campaign Statement on Legal Victory in West Virginia


“President Trump remains undefeated against the scurrilous, bad faith 14th Amendment ballot challenge cases in federal court with today’s dismissal in West Virginia. Earlier federal dismissals of the gadfly candidate’s bogus claims in New Hampshire, Arizona, Florida, and Rhode Island and ten other federal courts as well as state cases brought by left-wing activist groups in Minnesota and Michigan have met the same fate—swift disposal. These cases seek to un-Constitutionally interfere in the 2024 presidential election by depriving the American voters of the right to vote for the candidate of their choosing. These un-American claims should all be summarily dismissed if the 2024 campaign is to proceed freely and fairly.”





President Trump on Supreme Court’s Unanimous Rejection of Crooked Joe Biden and Deranged Jack Smith



  1. Eleanor

    How is it right for America when Joe Biden can say on a hot mic “NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE BIDENS” And President Biden gets away with being compromised on the world stage and has committed treason. Why is impeachment and removal of Biden impossible? Why is he getting away with election interference?

  2. Anonymous

    This latest generation has been taught by social media that questioning official doctrine is forbidden, so they are effectively reduced to sheeple and stooges. Many of them will attack you if you question the 2020 election, the COVID farce or Bidet’s dementia. If the woke don’t wake up, this little experiment in freedom we call America will be undermined by the very people who it would have benefited.

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