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Trump Campaign Statement on Crooked Joe Biden’s History of Racist Remarks

“This ad is another cheap attempt from the Biden campaign to gaslight Black voters and fails to address Biden’s terrible policies that are hurting our community. The Biden campaign is panicking because they see that Black voters aren’t buying what Biden is selling, and President Trump is receiving a record high support in the polls from Black voters that we haven’t seen in decades. We must not forget that it was Joe Biden who was a key figure in passing the 1994 Crime Bill, which disproportionately harmed Black communities through harsh sentencing laws and increased incarceration rates. Additionally, we cannot overlook that Biden’s policies are driving Black families deeper into poverty and making them less safe. Black voters, like all Americans, are worse-off now than they were under President Trump and every poll reflects that reality. The bottom line is Black voters are abandoning Biden and moving towards President Trump, and every single public measure of support indicates that.”

Janiyah Thomas, Trump Campaign Black Media Director

WATCH Crooked Joe Biden’s history of racist remarks.

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