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Trump Campaign Plans More Rallies As It Digs In For Long Fight

Supporters of President Trump are planning protests in Washington, D.C., on Saturday as the Trump campaign plans more rallies as it broadens its fight against election results.

Trump has refused to concede to Biden after news organizations projected on Saturday that the former vice president was the winner of the presidential race.

At the same time, Trump is planning a new political action committee that will allow him to raise money for federal election candidates, and his campaign has stepped up fundraising efforts for an “election defense task force.”

The result is a growing sense that in defeat, Trump is carrying on in the same way that he governed — in a state of perpetual campaign.

Washington’s rally is called the “Million Maga March,” according to the group on Twitter, which is calling on protesters to gather at midday.

Details of the event have been posted on social media and taken up by accounts associated with far-right groups such as the Proud Boys, raising concerns that it might attract counterprotests and violence.

Read the full report from The Washington Examiner.

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