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Trump Calls on Youngkin to Get Off the Fence and Embrace MAGA

The Republican risks losing the Virginia governor’s race if he doesn’t, according to the former president.

Full story courtesy of The Washington Post by Laura Vozzella at

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested that Republican Glenn Youngkin risks losing the Virginia governor’s race by not fully embracing the “MAGA movement.”

Youngkin has tried to walk a fine line on Trump in a state where the ex-president remains highly popular in rural areas yet toxic in the vote-rich cities and suburbs. In a radio interview, Trump indicated that he was not a fan of the balancing act.

“The only guys that win are the guys that embrace the MAGA movement,” Trump said on the “John Fredericks Radio Show” when asked about Youngkin’s chances against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor seeking a comeback. “When they try to go down a railroad track, you know, ‘Hey, oh yeah, sure, love it, love it. Oh, yeah, love Trump. Love Trump. Okay, let’s go, next subject.’ When they do that, nobody, they don’t — they never win. They never win. They have to embrace it.”

Trump answered in the affirmative when asked whether Youngkin, a political newcomer, and former private equity executive, can beat McAuliffe on Nov. 2 — yet that came with a “but.”

“I do,” Trump said. “But you know what I find, and he’s been very nice and all, but I did well in Virginia.”

Trump went on from there to suggest — without evidence — that his 10-point loss in the state last year was the result of voter fraud. Next came his comments on the balancing act and the need to embrace “Make America Great Again,” now often referred to as MAGA.

Youngkin’s campaign declined to comment.

Hours after the radio interview, however, Trump reaffirmed his support for Youngkin, although in a backhanded way.


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