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Trump Blows Out First Post Lockdown Rally-1 Million Tickets Requested!

President Trump’s Tulsa Rally on Saturday has exploded! Over 1 million tickets have been requested online! Dems having meltdown as economy comes roaring back…America realizes the lockdowns were a blue state political fraud to destroy their lives…

“Enthusiasm for four more years of President Trump is sky high and growing as over one million tickets have been requested for Saturday’s rally.”

  • Over one million people have applied to attend the President’s first MAGA rally in three months—enthusiasm for our movement is high and continues to grow.
  • Temperature checks, masks, and hand sanitizer will be readily available for all attendees to safely celebrate the historic victories of President Trump’s first term.
  • As states reopen and the economy rebounds, the American people are ready to take to the campaign trail and secure four more years of President Trump’s America First agenda.
  • Team Trump also broke a fundraising record this weekend—on Sunday, the campaign and the RNC brought in $14 million in donations to celebrate President Trump’s birthday.
  • We are seeing levels of enthusiasm for President Trump that Joe Biden can only dream of.

President Trump is improving the lives of American seniors:

  • President Trump has worked tirelessly to improve healthcare for American seniors:
    • President Trump announced lowering out-of-pocket insulin costs for Medicare’s seniors.
    • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that many Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans have applied to offer lower out-of-pocket insulin costs to seniors for the 2021 plan year.
    • Just last year, the President signed an Executive Order to empower seniors with more choice and access in healthcare and improve the fiscal sustainability of Medicare.
      • This will eliminate unnecessary barriers and combat fraud, waste, and abuse in Medicare, improving the program and maximizing freedom for patients and providers.
    • President Trump is also committed to lowering the prices of prescription drugs for all Americans and has repeatedly called on Congress to act.
  • Meanwhile, Joe Biden advocated for cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits for 40 years in Washington.
  • Joe Biden’s radical government healthcare takeover will fundamentally destroy Medicare in the United States.

Joe Biden refuses to use his position as the head of the Democrat Party to put an end to the ‘Defund the Police’ movement:

  • 64 percent of Americans oppose defunding the police.
    • 57 percent of Hispanics oppose defunding the police, and 58 percent of Hispanics oppose reducing police department budgets.
  • Elected Democrats across the nation—including members of Biden’s own campaign team—wholeheartedly endorse defunding the police.
    • Every elected Democrat and Democrat candidate for office must be asked if they support the Defund the Police movement and slashing police budgets like they’re doing in Minneapolis, New York City, and Los Angeles.
  • Defunding the police means violence and chaos in the streets. Without law and order, there will be no economic empowerment and communities will be left behind.
  • This is what happens when woke Democrats choose the side of chaos—police unions are turning their backs on Biden because he turned his back on them.
  • President Trump has sent the clear message that we must have law and order to continue our economic recovery.
  • While Joe Biden kneels down and refuses to stand up to the radical “Defund the Police” movement, President Trump stands tall for all Americans, keeping our communities safe and protecting minority owned businesses.
  • The President is bringing all key stakeholders from police to community leaders together to move forward and make reforms that will leave a lasting impact without abolishing or vilifying law enforcement officers.

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