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Trump Blows It Out In South Jersey Mega-Rally


 New Jersey’s Keep America Great rally proved to be a record success:

  • Last night, thousands and thousands of Americans stood in support for President Trump as he held his first ever rally in New Jersey.
  • The Wildwood rally boasted the highest number of ticket requests in any of President Trump’s rallies.
  • 73,482 voters were identified in New Jersey.
  • 10.4% of the rally goers did not vote in the 2016 election.
  • A whopping 26.3% of attendees to President Trump’s rally were registered Democrats.
  • This massive record-breaking rally in New Jersey proves that President Trump’s base is continuously growing by the thousands.
  • President Trump puts aside political games and actively works to better the lives of hardworking men and women.

President Trump to sign the historic USMCA trade deal:

  • After being on the table for over a year, today President Trump will sign the bipartisan United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
  • Nancy Pelosi held on to this trade deal for months, refusing to bring it to a vote, at the expense of American farmers and ranchers.
  • Thanks to President Trump getting stricter on trade deals, American farmers will no longer be taken advantage of.
  • The great trade deal is expected to add $68 billion into the United States economy and create around 176,000 jobs.
  • While Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional Democrats chose to play political games, President Trump has always worked hard to ensure the best policies for the American people.

Impeachment day 7 – Analysis by Attorney to the President, Jenna Ellis:

  • This is a CON JOB.
  • The Dems are trying to extend their circus showtime and manipulate the FACTS by pretending Bolton’s book deal is relevant.
  • Bolton couldn’t get confirmed by the Senate, so he BEGGED Trump for a position. He was fired and his timing on this is to amplify book sales. NO CREDIBILITY.
  • The impeachment is an unconstitutional witch hunt and the Senate needs to have a backbone and END IT. American public is frustrated by the Dems getting away with this.

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