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Trump Backer’s Response to ‘Republican Voters Against Trump’ $50 Million Investment to Thwart Trump

A coalition called Republican Voters Against Trump is investing $50 million in targeted advertisements in swing states ahead of the November rematch of former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

Conservative radio host John Fredericks, who served as Trump’s Virginia campaign chair in 2016 and 2020, lambasted the $50 million effort.

“This is a total clown show,” he said, “perpetrated by Never Trumpers, neocons, war mongers and the deep state military complex operatives who hearken back to Jeb Bush, George Bush and the John McCain loser Republicans who collaborated with the Democrats.”

Fredericks asserted that for every former Trump voter who backs Biden, “I could give you five (former) Biden supporters under the age of 25 who are voting for Trump.”

Truncated article. Read the full story by Charlotte Rene Woods here:

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