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Trump Approval Soar As Dems Grasp At Silly Impeachment Paper Straws


President Trump continues to soar in the polls:

  • President Trump’s strong policies have led to a skyrocket in approval ratings.
  • A recent Gallup Poll indicates that Americans are more satisfied in all areas of life than they were in January 2017, when President Trump first took office.
    • State of the economy: 68%| 2017: 46%
    • Security from terrorism: 68% |2017: 50%
    • Military strength: 81%|2017: 66%
    • State of race relations: 36% |2017: 22%
    • Policies to reduce crime: 47% | 2017: 38%
  • A key takeaway from this poll: race relations have seen a double-digit increase since President Trump took office.
  • The President is ahead of Democrats in a recent Iowa poll from The New York Times.
    • +2% ahead of Biden.
    • +6% ahead of Sanders.
    • +5% ahead of Warren.
    • +1% ahead of Buttigieg.
    • +8% ahead of Bloomberg.
  • President Trump’s week of winning has launched him ahead in the polls, as the American people are seeing the real results of his policies.

Adam Schiff and Congressional Democrats continue to smear the President:

  • 128 days and 17 Democrat-called witnesses later, and impeachment still doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
  • Democrats failed to produce any evidence against President Trump during the House investigation.
    • Now, they are trying to call new witnesses in the Senate to prolong their impeachment sham.
  • Adam Schiff is continuing his pattern of repeatedly lying about President Trump.
    • He lied about evidence of collusion.
    • He lied about his previous contact with the whistleblower.
    • He lied about the President’s July 25 transcript.
  • Schiff is still refusing to release the Intelligence Community Inspector General transcript.
    • He has yet to be held accountable for his relationship with the whistleblower.
  • Democrats have made their motives clear: their hatred for President Trump surpasses their love for America.

Impeachment day 9 – Analysis by Attorney to the President, Jenna Ellis:

  • Dems likely won’t have enough votes to prolong their sham with witnesses, so now they’re pivoting to “Trump won’t really be acquitted.”
  • So he can be “impeached forever” based on a sham partisan process, but when the Senate obeys the Constitution then it’s “not real”??
  • In ANY trial, a vote of acquittal means NOT GUILTY.

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