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Trump And Modi Rock India; Bernie Bares All On 60 Minutes; Dems Vegas Panic Attack

President Trump rallies in India with over 100,000 in attendance at MAGA style rally with India’s PM Modi…

  • Top POTUS lines from the Namaste Trump rally in Ahmedabad, India:
    • “America loves India. American respects India. And America will always be faithful and loyal friends to the Indian people.”
    • “Our two national constitutions both begin with the same three beautiful words: “We the people.” That means that in America and India alike, we honor, respect, trust, empower, and fight for the citizens we proudly serve!”
    • “When leaders put the interest of their own citizens first, we can forge strong and fair partnerships to build a safer and more prosperous world.”
  • While the Do-Nothing Democrats continue to unravel at the seams, President Trump is strengthening the United States’ relationship with our allies around the world.
  • Commerce between the U.S and India has increased by more than 40% since President Trump took office.
  • India is now a major market for American exports—and the United States is India’s largest export market.

Honesty is the best policy: Bernie Sanders reveals the depth of his radicalism and bares all…confounds the hapless Anderson Cooper with his bluntness…

  • Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders doubled down on his insane proposals during a 60 Minutes interview.
  • Bernie continued to have no answers for how he plans to pay for his massive socialist agenda.
    • “I can’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime.”
  • When asked about past comments praising former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Bernie unapologetically defended his comments.
    •  “It’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program.”
  • Whether he ends up the nominee or not, Bernie Sanders is the thought leader of the Democratic Party.
  • Democrats across the country will have to answer for a socialist agenda that wants to raise taxes on the middle class and kick more than 180 million American off their private health insurance.

Nevada caucus highlights: Dems Panic as they lose their shirts in Vegas…

  • Bernie Sanders emerged victorious in Nevada, further cementing his status as frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.
  • Pete Buttigieg had some choice words on Sanders’ victory:
    • “Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats, not to mention most Americans.”
  • Joe Biden continued his streak of never winning a caucus or primary despite his nearly five decade career in politics.
  • While the Democrats are in utter disarray, the Republicans stand more united than ever.
    • President Trump has an extraordinary 95% approval rating in the Republican Party.
  • On Saturday, Nevada awarded 100% of their delegates to President Trump.

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