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The Queen of Hypocrisy: Pelosi Threatens To Delay Senate Impeachment Trial

The partisan impeachment scam of phony Nancy Pelosi knows no bounds…after spending impeachment day wearing black and having her Dem sycophants feign heavy heart nonsense and wrap themselves in the U.S. Constitution they otherwise loathe…Pelosi throws the parchment in the trash can and leverages the articles for political gain…

In a show of hypocrisy beyond the pale, Pelosi defiantly refused to commit Wednesday to delivering articles of impeachment to the Senate, citing concerns about an unfair trial on removing President Donald Trump from office.

This after her House clowns ran the most one-sided unfair impeachment hearing in history! The Speaker certainly has gumption.

Senior Democratic aides said the House was “very unlikely” to take the steps necessary to send the articles to the Senate until at least early January, a delay of at least two weeks and perhaps longer.

“So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us,” Pelosi told reporters at a news conference just moments after the House charged Trump with abuse of power and obstructing congressional investigations. “That would’ve been our intention, but we’ll see what happens over there.”

Pelosi made clear her partisan attempt to drive public opinion on impeachment devoid of facts will continue unabated. The circus continues.

The House passed two weak articles of impeachment charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of congressional investigations.

Rules say it must pass a second resolution formally naming impeachment managers to present the case in the Senate.

That second vote ignites the official transmission of articles to the Senate.

By stalling on the resolution and delivery, Pelosi holds the articles of impeachment hostage to continue to drive her sideshow.

The White House fired back: “House Democrats have run a fatally flawed process with fake facts, and now they want to deny the President his day in court with another procedural maneuver that proves anew they have no case,” Trump’s congressional liaison to Congress Eric Ueland said.

Steny Hoyer, Pelosi’s number two in her House caucus, said Dems must pursue a strategy to stop Trump in 2020.

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