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The Only Abuse Of Power Has Been by House Democrats

Democrats are the ones abusing their power by conducting this ridiculous and unfair impeachment sham…no evidence, no facts, no fair play…Soviet style trial that would make the KGB blush…

House Democrats believe that if the White House does not immediately bow down to any and every demand they make, it’s obstruction. 

·         Every position taken by the Administration on this has been on the advice and approval of the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel.

·         These positions on Executive Branch confidentiality have been consistent for decades across administrations of both political parties because they are vital for protecting the separation of powers.

·         Democrats issued subpoenas and simply declared it “obstruction” without going to the courts.

House Democrats have abused their power to advance their political goal of overturning the 2016 election.

·         As Professor Turley made clear in his testimony, the only abuse of power here is by Congress.

·        TURLEY: “What I’m saying is that if you want a well-based – a legitimate impeachment case – to set this abbreviated schedule, demand documents, and then impeach because they haven’t been turned over when they go to a court – when the President goes to a court, I think that is an abuse of power.”

House Democrats have run an unfair and unprecedented process.

·         House Democrats’ unfair and illegitimate process ensured that the White House was unable to participate in in any meaningful way.

·         Democrats have run an unfair and one-sided committee process.

·         House Democrats deprived the President of due process and fairness throughout their sham hearings in the Intelligence Committee.

·         Democrats have ignored and suppressed any evidence that contradicts their impeachment accusations.

Democrats Have Had Their Minds Made Up About Impeachment Since November 8, 2016


Democrats have been set on impeachment since day one, and are willing to abandon facts, precedent, and basic principles of fairness to achieve their goal.

·         Democrats have prejudged this entire impeachment and are rolling out a political show trial that was rigged from the very start.

·         House Democrats decided to impeach President Trump soon after he took office, introducing multiple resolutions calling for impeachment long before this latest witch hunt.

·         Democrats have declared the President guilty until proven innocent – violating fundamental American principles of fairness.

·         From the beginning of their sham, Democrats have radically departed from precedent.

This whole sham is strictly about politics – not the facts.

·         Democrats have not produced any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump – their entire case is built on nothing more than hearsay, conjecture, personal opinions, and assumptions.

·         From the beginning, their agenda has been to overturn and nullify the votes of nearly 63 million Americans.

·        Democrats have nothing but contempt for Americans who voted for President Trump and would prefer that their votes were ignored.

·        Democrats have openly admitted that their goal is to prevent the President’s re-election at all costs.

·        Rep. Al Green admitted “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach the president, he will get re-elected.”


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