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The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight : Dems Big Impeachment Fail

Despite all of their lies and attempts to rig impeachment against President Trump, Democrats still have no case…Sad Sacks…Clown in Chief Pelosi desperately tried and failed to rig this process against the President, by forcing their sham impeachment rules on the Senate…Pelosi and House Dems repeatedly claimed that impeachment was “urgent,” yet they held up the articles in a political stunt. LMAO…The Liars Club…Even Congressional Democrats turned against Pelosi’s delay, forcing her hand.

·         Pelosi failed to pressure the Senate into agreeing to her demands–because she has no role in dictating the Senate process.

·         Pelosi’s ploy demonstrated once again that Democrats’ entire rhetoric about this impeachment sham has been completely false and this is truly only about politics.

Pelosi’s efforts to withhold articles from the Senate were just another in a long line of unfair and unprecedented tactics Democrats have employed throughout this sham.

·         This impeachment was unprecedented from the very start, with Pelosi denying precedent by launching the inquiry with a press conference rather than a floor vote.

·         Schiff and his fellow Democrats conducted secret, soviet-style hearings in the basement while leaking cherry-picked information to the media.

·         Democrats repeatedly abused the power of their majority to prevent evidence contradictory to their narratives from coming to light and enforce arbitrary timelines.

·         House Democrats repeatedly acted to ensure that the President could have no meaningful participation in these proceedings and deprived him of due process.

·         They did everything possible to push their narrative forward by lying, leaking, and misleading the American people.

Democrats’ impeachment sham has been a shameful effort to overturn the 2016 election and interfere in 2020.

·         Democrats have never accepted the results of the 2016 election, which is what this impeachment sham has really been about.

·         This has never been about the facts. Democrats made their mind up about impeaching the President long before this latest hoax.

o   Rep. Jerry Nadler called the President’s election “illegitimate” and Rep. Jamie Raskin raised the possibility of impeaching the President before his inauguration.

o   Many members of Pelosi’s radical left wing caucus pledged to support impeachment before they had even been elected to Congress.

·         Now, faced with the prospect of losing once again, Democrats are intent in interfering in the 2020 election and depriving the American people of their voice.

Democrats’ case is the weakest case for impeachment in history.

·         As Professor Turley noted, “this impeachment would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president.”

·         Democrats have absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump, despite all the wasted time and resources.

·         There was no bribery, extortion, quid pro quo, abuse of power, obstruction, crime, or whatever Democrats’ focus groups want to call it.

·         This is the first impeachment ever with no allegation of criminal wrongdoing.

·         Even with no evidence to support their claims, Democrats moved forward on a partisan basis.

Democrats’ abuse of power claims are completely baseless.

·         Democrats’ abuse of power allegation was made up after their claims of quid pro quo, bribery, and extortion completely and utterly failed.

·         Not one witness has been able to provide evidence that the President linked the aid or a meeting with any investigations.

·         Democrats’ allegations were based on the hearsay, assumptions, and speculation of unelected bureaucrats who had policy disagreements with the President.

·         The only witness who spoke with the President regarding Ukraine was Sondland, whom the President directly told he wanted no quid pro quo.

·         The Ukrainians – including President Zelensky – have repeatedly denied that were “pushed” or pressured to do anything, and did not even know about the hold on security assistance.

·         Ukraine got the security assistance and a meeting with the President without ever beginning investigations, completely obliterating Democrats’ claims.

Democrats’ obstruction of Congress claims are a danger to the separation of powers.

·         Every decision about Democrats’ requests has been made on the advice of nonpartisan attorneys at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel.

·         Democrats have made demand after demand, setting arbitrary deadlines and refusing to consider the legal opinions of the other two branches of government.

·         They have declared that any refusal to bow down to their every beck and call is “obstruction.”

·         As Professor Turley made clear in his testimony, the real abuse of power here has been the way Democrats’ have handled themselves during impeachment.

·         Democrats had a number of avenues they could use to pursue their subpoenas, but they declined to do so because it might get in the way of their predetermined impeachment.

America can see right through Democrats’ impeachment sham and have no interest.

·         Americans aren’t interested in this impeachment sham, they want Congress to get back to work on the issues that really matter.

·         House Democrats failed to sway the public throughout their impeachment proceedings, with the polls showing public support dropping following their hearings.

·         Tired of this sham, a member of Pelosi’s caucus even left the Democrat Party over it.

·         It is time for Congress to end this partisan charade and get back to work building a safer and more prosperous future for all Americans.

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