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Talk Radio’s ‘Godzilla of Truth’ John Fredericks on Attack

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed radio talk show host John Fredericks ‘The Godzilla of Truth’ about how his show is different from other shows just after he hosted an April town meeting with Pennsylvania GOP hopeful, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

‘A lot of my competitors go in a studio, they bring them the paper, somebody brings them a hot chocolate with whipped cream on it. Then they have a coach there, they have a studio, it’s all comfortable, air-conditioned,’ Fredericks said.

‘We go out like we are today. We go to the Oz event. We bring it to you live so you can decide,’ he said.

The host is heard on stations in the Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania media markets, along with his online audience, and he is the publisher of The Star News Network sites The Virginia Star, The Georgia Star News, and The Pennsylvania Daily Star.

Fredericks, who also hosts the TV show “Outside the Beltway” on Real America’s Voice, said he has the freedom other hosts don’t have because he owns the radio stations he is on–he owns the pipes.

‘Our vision from the beginning was to buy the stations that we want to be at, take on the debt, and what we’ve learned is when you own the radio stations with the FCC and you own the license, as long as you stay within their legal framework, you can’t get censored,’ he said.

The talk show host said in the end, the show works because he is building a community.

‘Well, we’re basically a meeting place for everybody in the America First movement, either in the movement or want to come in the movement or want to learn about the movement.’

Read the full story from The Ohio Star.



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