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Tales From the Crypt: Biden’s Basement Update 1: Cellar Dwellers

While President Trump mobilizes America to combat the coronavirus, presumptive Democrat nominee Presidential Joe Biden is reading off lies from a teleprompter…barely getting a string of sentences…Facebook live becomes Sleepy Joe’s worst nightmare…videos from the crypt scaring Biden’s supporters as a new faction pines for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo…

Tales From Crypt Called Biden’s Basement – Cellar Dwellers 

Joe Biden continues to spread disinformation about President Trump’s robust response to the coronavirus, all the while refusing to accept responsibility for his own failures.

Biden also failed to stand up for American workers and demand Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stop blocking funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, which is set to run out imminently. It has so far helped millions of businesses keep their workers on the payroll.

Between his low-energy teleprompter reliance and his spreading of more disinformation, Joe Biden continues to demonstrate to voters that he isn’t up for the job of leading America out of this crisis.

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