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Tales From The Crypt: Biden’s Basement Chronicles–Episode 7


Joe Biden’s disaster record of loservills- Bejing Biden is a weak candidate with a history of lying and awful decisions:

  • In the past, Jill Biden has said the quiet part out loud on her husband, “you may like another candidate better but you have to look at who’s going to win, and maybe you have to swallow a little bit.” Yikes!
  • Unfortunately for the Biden Campaign, multiple key groups of voters aren’t following that advice:
  • Biden’s problem with Latino voters:
    • According to Univision anchor Univision anchor León Krauze, “no group should concern Democrats more than Hispanics. A recent Latino Decisions poll reveals a clear enthusiasm gap among Latinos for both Biden and the 2020 election itself.”
  • Biden’s problem with black voters:
    • According to Politico, “there is an ongoing debate about whether Biden has the black vote locked up or whether the bigger need we have is to put someone left-leaning on the ticket.”
  • Biden’s problem with white working-class voters:
    • According to New York Times writer Nate Cohn, “the results suggest that Mr. Biden, despite his reputed appeal to blue-collar workers, has made little to no progress in winning back the white voters without a college degree who supported Barack Obama in 2012 but swung to Mr. Trump in 2016.”
  • Biden’s problem with female voters:
    • According to New York Times writer Elizabeth Bruenig, “It is also possible that the problem of Tara Reade’s allegations won’t just go away, and that it will demoralize voters and place Mr. Biden at a disadvantage against Mr. Trump in the general election.”

Joe Biden has a well-documented record of lying while running for President:

  • It’s easy to forget that Joe Biden has been a Washington D.C. swamp politician for nearly 5 decades.
  • During the early part of his career, he ran for President in 1988 and failed miserably.
  • The most notable impact of Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign was his blatant lies on the campaign trail about his personal life that derailed his campaign:
  • Joe Biden falsely claimed he graduated law school in the top half of his class.
    • Sleepy Joe graduated ranked 76th in a class of 85 people at the University of Syracuse Law School.
  • Joe Biden lied and said he graduated undergraduate with 3 degrees while being named outstanding student in the political science department.
    • Biden does not have 3 degrees from college and was not named an outstanding student.

President Trump spoke about overcoming the coronavirus while touring a manufacturing plant yesterday in Arizona yesterday:

  • President Trump said, “this terrible plague, has inflicted grave hardships on our people. We mourn for every life lost; we pray for every victim and we shoulder this burden together as one people, one family, and one great American nation. Thanks to the profound commitment of our citizens, we’ve flattened the curve and countless American lives have been saved.”
  • President Trump made clear that after we defeat this invisible enemy—essential medicine, supplies, and equipment will be manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • The Honeywell plant that President Trump toured is equipping frontline healthcare workers with the equipment they need to fight the invisible enemy.
    • The plant was built in 5 weeks and has created 500 American jobs.
  • President Trump utilized the Defense Production Act to manufacture over 100,000 additional ventilators on top of the fast-growing national supply.
    • Every American in the country who needs a ventilator has access to one.
  • The Trump Administration has partnered with the private sector to deliver more than 70 million N95 respirators, 112 million surgical masks, 7 million face shields, 18 million gowns, and nearly one billion gloves to frontline medical workers.


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