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Tales From The Crypt: Biden’s Basement Chronicles Episode 3

Huh? What? The coronavirus pandemic has revealed Joe Biden has a “fuzzy concept of time.”

This morning, in a new fact check, The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler reported that Biden “gets into trouble when he suggests that he first raised issues such as invoking the DPA or building hospitals as early as January — when in fact we can only trace such statements to late February or mid-March

Washington Post

This isn’t the first time Biden has been caught lying about coronavirus to attack President Trump.

  • A month ago, The Washington Post gave Biden 4 Pinochios for doctoring a video to make it appear President Trump had called the coronavirus a “hoax.”
  • Biden has falsely claimed that President Trump turned down an offer from the WHO to provide testing kits.
  • Biden has claimed the Trump Admin had cut funding for the CDC when, in reality, CDC funding has increased under President Trump.
  • Biden falsely accused President Trump of disbanding the National Security Council team in charge of pandemic responses.
  • The Washington Post gave the Biden campaign four Pinochios for falsely claiming a top official at the Centers for Disease Control was “silenced.”
  • Biden has also had the shamelessness to claim that he hasn’t criticized the President’s coronavirus response.

But Biden is not alone in pushing debunked lies about President Trump. Nancy Pelosi is STILL to this day pushing the debunked hoax narrative.

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