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Tales From The Crypt: Biden’s Basement Chronicles–Cellar Dwellers

Is he playing with a full-deck?

It’s a chills filled cellar dweller horror show! 

Yesterday, Joe Biden sat down for a few interviews from his basement and demonstrated yet again that he simply doesn’t what have it takes to run the country. In just one evening, his issues were again very apparent:

  • Biden bizarrely confused Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf with “Dale” Wolf, the governor of Delaware…in 1993. Only 27 years off…
  • Biden incorrectly referred to N95 masks as “N96” masks. What’s a number, anyway?
  • Biden completely ignored a question about reopening Wisconsin’s economy, instead reading unrelated talking points located above the camera. It wasn’t on the teleprompter!
  • Biden changed thoughts completely mid-sentence and then looked down at his notes to remember “testing, tracking, and treatment.” Damn pesky notes!
  • Biden confused Labor Day with Memorial Day. It’s still a holiday!

Biden claims he’s “not going nuts” but given his obvious issues, sometimes “you just wonder.” He’s not playing with a full deck, and in the middle of a global pandemic, it’s a risk Americans can’t afford to take. He’s ready to do another basement facebook live!

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