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Tales From The Crypt: Biden Basement Chronicles Episode 5

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Lies to Megan Rapinoe

Biden’s continues racking up red cards with false coronavirus claims.

After he figured out how to turn the sound on, Joe Biden continued his attempts to rewrite history in a scripted video chat with Megan Rapinoe.

FALSE CLAIM: Biden said he wrote an op-ed on January 17 “warning” President Trump that “the pandemic is coming.”


Biden consistently cannot remember when his op-ed published, so he just makes up different dates on the spot. It published on January 27, and merely raised “the possibility of a pandemic” “sooner or later.” As the Washington Post Fact Checker stated, Biden’s op-ed was “more of an attack on President Trump … than a detailed plan for action against a possible pandemic.”

On February 11, Biden’s chief coronavirus advisor Ronald Klain downplayed the coronavirus, saying it “may not be” a serious epidemic. “The evidence suggests it’s probably not” serious, he said.

“We don’t have a #COVIDー19 epidemic in the US but we are starting to see a fear epidemic. Kudos to @NYCMayor (and others) for standing against that,” Klain tweeted on February 13, amplifying Bill de Blasio’s tweet encouraging people to go to Chinatown and “make some dinner plans, do some shopping.”

And of course, Biden continued to hold rallies well into March. If he knew the coronavirus was such a threat, why did he do that?

FALSE CLAIM: Biden implied that President Trump failed to appoint a supply chain commander.


President Trump appointed a supply chain commander in March. The Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force at FEMA is headed up by Rear Admiral John Polowczyk of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

As Vice President Mike Pence said on March 24, Admiral Polowczyk’s “task force is working to identify medical supplies that exist in the marketplace today, to evaluate the National Stockpile, and also working with industries around the country to produce even more of the critical medical supplies.” Admiral Polowczyk “is the best man that we have in the country for supplies and logistics,” said White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner.

Biden also nodded along in agreement when Rapinoe described the coronavirus as an “incredible gift.” Biden himself previously said he is “excited” about it. While millions of Americans are worried about being laid off or being able to put food on the table, Biden and other liberal elitists are plotting to use their suffering as an “opportunity” to push their radical agenda.

Biden’s disinformation and dedication to his extreme agenda over all else is a disservice to the American people.

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