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Tales From The Crypt: Biden Basement Chronicles – Episode 11

Joe Biden Gets His Wish: Democrats Vote to Give Stimulus Checks to Illegals

Sleepy Creepy Joe: Take your money and give it to illegals while eat out of a garbage can! Hey, illegals can vote by mail, too!

Not even a global pandemic can stop Biden from putting illegals before American citizens.

After President Trump signed the CARES Act into law to provide American workers and families with direct financial support during the economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus, Joe Biden said “some people were left out” and called on Congress to “help them as well.” Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats sprang into action, and this weekend they granted Biden’s wish by passing a $3-trillion liberal wishlist that would provide stimulus checks for illegal aliens.

Giving away Americans’ money to illegal aliens who disrespect our laws is just one part of Biden’s extremist, open-borders agenda. Not even a global pandemic can stop Biden and the Democrats from putting non-citizens first:

Joe Biden isn’t fighting for working-class Americans struggling to get through this artificial economic crisis. He’s siding with wealthy, globalist elites whose top priority is keeping America’s borders wide open – even during a global pandemic – and rewarding illegal aliens who break our laws and take jobs from Americans and legal workers. When President Trump temporarily shut down legal immigration into the United States to keep Americans’ safe and protect their jobs from foreign competition and cheap, wage-depressing labor, Biden opposed that too.

Biden may think the coronavirus crisis is “exciting” and an “opportunity” to enact his extreme agenda, but giving away Americans’ money to non-citizens at a time when citizens are suffering is beyond the pale.

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