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Tales From The Crypt: Bejing Biden’s Basement Blues – Episode 9

BEIJING BIDEN Mythical Basement Campaign: Cellar Dwellers…Biden is Chinese Communist Party BFF! Best Friends Forever! Oh, and Hunter Biden loves China Communists too! He loves them $1.5 billion times over! 

Joe Biden has a disastrous decades-long record on China:

  • This time last year, Joe Biden was ignorantly downplaying the threat of China to the United States:
    • “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.” They’re not bad folks, folks… They’re not competition for us.”
  • In 2000, Biden downplayed China hurting American manufacturing:
    • “Nor do I see the collapse of the American manufacturing economy, as China, a nation with the impact on the world economy about the size of the Netherlands’ suddenly becomes our major economic competitor.”
  • In 2016, Joe Biden led the passage efforts for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—an Obama trade deal that would have devastated American manufacturing in favor of China.
  • By contrast, President Trump delivered on his promise to finally stand up to China like no other American president before him.
  • President Trump’s tough approach worked and now the U.S. and China have entered Phase One of a trade deal, and China will not be ripping us off like they once did.
  • While President Trump champions his America first agenda—Joe Biden promises a return to the globalist status quo.
  • You go Joe: Loving up that basement of yours! I’ll order you up some Senakot

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