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Supreme Court Hears Historic Case on Removing Trump from Ballot [VIDEO]


  • Today’s high-stakes hearing: The Supreme Court appears poised to back former President Donald Trump and fend off a blockbuster challenge to his eligibility to appear on Colorado’s 2024 ballot, a move that would extract the justices from one of the most politically fraught appeals in the court’s history.
  • What the justices said: The justices’ questions suggested they may support putting Trump back on the ballot as they expressed skepticism of Colorado’s arguments. Chief Justice John Roberts, a key vote to watch, said the arguments are “at war” with the thrust of the 14th Amendment. Liberal Justice Elena Kagan questioned the implications of a single state banning a candidate in a presidential election.
  • What’s at stake: The high court’s decision could have major ramifications in other states with pending litigation to remove Trump from their 2024 ballots. If the court rules to keep Trump off the ballot before Colorado’s March 5 primary, the state has said votes for him would not count.
  • Trump juggles legal battles and campaign: This is only one of the many legal cases Trump faces as he campaigns for another term. Ahead of flying to Nevada for the GOP caucuses, Trump slammed the Colorado case in remarks from Florida.


  1. Anonymous

    The so called ‘justices’ and I use that word lightly are illegally denying we citizens the right to fairly choose who WE wish to vote for. You seem to conveniently forget who voted you in to represent we citizens for US and not what you think is legal and fair. All of you know darn well exactly what happened just today how the basement monkey was guilty of doing the very same thing that our true president was accused of and how anxious all of you were to nail Trump to the wall and crazily throw him in prison just to get him out of your way yet you didn’t even give our looney toon a slap on the hand. Talk about bipartisan That’s a bunch of crap and we all know it. You don’t fool us any longer and your desperate acts of misbehavior prove it
    I’m just amazed at the lengths you’ll go to

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