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Stocks Rally, Wall St. Recovers + Nearly 1,300–Fake News Ignores it; Trump Campaign Huge Cash Hall

Fake News ignores Wall St. Rebound…TRUMP CAMPAIGN’S HUGE FUNDRAISING HAUL, CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE, Trump Plots Blue Invasion 

Trump campaign and RNC continue record-breaking fundraising:

  • Trump Campaign and RNC brought in over $86 million in February.
    • Raising nearly $3 million per day throughout the month.
  • Over $607 million has been raised since the beginning of 2019.
    • With over $225 million cash on hand.
  • This unprecedented fundraising success is powering the largest field program and data operation in the history of the Republican Party.
    • Trump Victory already has 515,000 trained and activated volunteers.
    • Recently surpassed over 4 million voter contacts this cycle.
  • This morning, the Trump Campaign launched ‘Army for Trump.’
    • A website dedicated to recruiting and mobilizing volunteers across the country who are committed to fighting to re-elect President Trump.
    • The website features step-by-step instructions and short videos explaining a variety of ways supporters can become equipped with the tools needed to get involved with the campaign.

The Trump Administration is taking aggressive action to confront the coronavirus:

  • President Trump’s number one priority will always be ensuring the health and safety of the American people.
  • Thanks to the President’s early actions to curb the spread of Coronavirus, the immediate risk in the U.S. is low.
  • President Trump placed Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the Administration’s response to Coronavirus.
  • The President formed a Coronavirus Task Force to coordinate the Administration’s response across multiple government agencies and departments.
  • The President declared a public health emergency and requested $2.5 billion in funding to respond.
  • President Trump implemented unprecedented procedures to protect travelers, including screenings, early containment strategies, and prudent travel restrictions.
  • Thanks to the President’s actions, the United States is ahead of the curve—while the outbreak is currently contained, officials are well prepared to respond.

Stocks stage major rally from coronavirus rout as investors anticipate Trump Administration and Fed response…

U.S. stocks increased dramatically on Monday as investors hoped that the Federal Reserve and other central banks would ease money in response to the slowdown in commerce generated by the coronavirus outbreak.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 5.09%, with a gain of nearly +1,300, the biggest gain since  October 2009.

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite also closed up, 4.61% and 4.49%, respectively.

 Republicans plot blue-state invasion in November
Alex Isenstadt
March 2, 2020

“National Republicans are launching a multi-million-dollar field effort in four blue states, a move that comes as Democrats express mounting concern that a Bernie Sanders nomination could doom them in critical down-ballot contests.

“The Republican National Committee is deploying dozens of field staffers to California, New Jersey, New York and Illinois. While none of the four states is remotely in play at the presidential level, each has numerous competitive House races and played a critical role in helping Democrats capture the chamber in 2018.

“The committee is also dispatching staff to Nebraska. While the state is certain to go for President Donald Trump in November, it is home to the district where endangered Republican Rep. Don Bacon is seeking reelection.

“The RNC plans to spend at least $4 million on field deployment across the five states by Election Day, according to an aide briefed on the decision. It’s an unusual investment, since the committee typically focuses its field resources exclusively on swing states in presidential election years.

“Republican officials say they’ve been planning the blue state effort for months — long before Sanders emerged as a Democratic frontrunner — and insist the Democratic primary had no bearing on their decision. The RNC’s massive, seven-to-one financial advantage over the Democratic National Committee, aides say, has afforded them the luxury of investing in states that aren’t in play in the presidential contest.
“The four blue states are expected to take center stage in the 2020 fight for the speaker’s gavel. In 2018, Democrats netted seven seats in California, two in Illinois, four in New Jersey and three in New York. Collectively, they represent more than a third of the 41 seats Democrats gained.

“The Republican deployment is part of a broader expansion of the RNC’s field program. By early March, the committee will have more than 800 field staffers on the ground across 23 states. The lion’s share of the party’s efforts are focused on presidential battlegrounds like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“In addition to its investment on field deployment, the RNC plans to spend millions more on contacting voters in those states.
“In the aftermath of House Democrats’ impeachment sham,” said RNC chief of staff Richard Walters, “our mission to take back the House is more critical than ever.”

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